A show for little girls, little boys and little trees

THE DANCING FOREST is a show where the puppets, the actors and the live music recreate a poetic space through a mobile forest that acquires its own personality thanks to the stage game.

This forest, turning over itself, will bring to live the places where Lukas will live his story: a path between trees, its home, the depth of the forest, the clearing where the sheeps graze, a hiding place… Even the big city!

As it happens in the original forests, in “The dancing forest”, the light will also play with the trees, creating chromatic gammas and expressive shadows. The lighting and the live music are an essential part of the show, introducing the audience in the world of Lukas and Aurora, the old man Fito and his horse Rufo.

This show offers a contemporary scenic vision of the infant and family theatre, but at the same time it digs deeply in the story as a literary genre. This helps lay out some characters and attitudes very recognizable for the young audience.

The worth of identity, the individual responsibility and the respect for the environment are some of the topics that “The dancing forest” talks about. Caring for the young audience, it is thought about the acquisition of social and civic values.